Our Services


We identify the properties that may fit your research and we support you in all stages of the acquisition process.

We give you full support in each of the administrative stages: obtention of the NIE, opening of a non-resident bank account, financial institutions filing and any other necessary procedure prior to the asset acquisition.

We are in charge of:
– – The administrative and technical verifications according to the property.
– The structure verifications of the building.
– The analysis of the co-ownership situation.
– Preparing acts before Notary Public.
– The personal support during the signature of the public deed or act of transfer.

Once the sale and purchase has been granted before Notary Public:
-Tracking of registration with the register, cadastre and fulfilment of payment duties and liabilities related to rights and taxes.


We are in charge of coordinating the remodeling and refurbishing works. Be it through one of our supplying partners or any other company, we may ensure the tracking of your works:
– Checking the labour contract as well as the fulfilment of the labour legislation by the supplier.
– Setting a regular system of information and reporting on the evolving status of works.
– Tracking of the calculation of works.
– Control on respecting the sheet of terms and conditions agreed.

In addition to contractual and technical issues, our service includes some suggestions, ideas on the design and distribution of your property in order it may become a pleasant and attractive place to live. We value your property in order it may be attractive for sale.


We are in charge of settling individuals and companies in Barcelona and its surroundings.

The service includes:
The research of lodgment or offices, the organization of visits, the negotiation of the terms and conditions and the validation of the contract. Likewise, we come along with you at the delivery of the keys.
The administrative management and obtention of the necessary documents such as the Spanish NIE.
The opening of bank accounts.


Long term occupants – over three months:
Metis Assets offers your property at the market for sale, pre-selects the lessee and is always in charge of contractual issues.

Temporary Occupancy:
We make the tracking and we are the contact point of the agency in charge of sale and/ or the in and out visits of your clients.

Our team keeps in contact at all times with the lessee (long term occupancy) as well as with the agency (temporary occupancy) and the city council. We do the tracking on a daily basis.
We act on your behalf in owners association meetings.
We take charge of your Spanish revenue statements as well as of the payment of the Spanish real estate tax (IBI).

What can we do for you?